Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nukkehammer "Demo" Cassette

No frills crusty d-beat hardcore from Columbus Ohio. Lots of feedback drenched anger from ex/current members of Vile Gash, Black Dove, Dismal etc etc. Total punk wrath, 'nuff said.

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Vile Gash "Leech" Cassette

This is the 5th and most recent cassette release from Columbus Ohio's Vile Gash. Hopefully you are already familiar with their past efforts. If so this is more of the same, if not get ready for two and a half minutes of completely distorted disgust for humanity. Two original songs and a cover of Philly great YDI's "Mad At The World". Self released and gone forever.

Debut vinyl release coming this spring from Youth Attack.

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SQRM "Fuck To Survive" Cassette

This is the second cassette release from Western Massholes SQRM. Another great project from members of Aerosols, delivering three tracks of blown out hardcore madness. Perfectly deranged and to the point. Short and sweet blast of rage presented on lovely purple pro-cassettes courtesy of Youth Attack! records. Long sold out so get it here and fall in love.

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Viper "Committing the Seven Deadly Sins" Cassette

First off, thanks to Negi Kevi of Fash Act for the rip of this fantastic demo. Six tracks of totally fuzzed out Japanese hardcore worship. I was pleased to discover that the buzz around this band wasn't without reason. This is some intense fury and well worth being sought out. If you need further selling points it features members of Aerosols and SQRM and channels the sounds of GISM and Zouo perfectly.

Furthermore, get a load of that insane hand drawn cover! Out of step.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

The OSS "...is watching you" Cassette

My lone complaint about this demo tape is that it is such a brief affair. Three tracks all just over the two minute marker. But goddamn does this thing rip like all hell. Fantastic punk rock from Phoenix Arizona fronted by Frank of MK-Ultra fame. The guitars are pretty clean-ish with the perfect touch of crunch, the bass is punchy and to the point and the drums are very tight. The over all feel is very punky and brings to mind recent success stories Regulations and Pedestrians, but with better vocals on both accounts. This was self released and I have no idea how many were made or if it's available, but they have an easy to find myspace page you can write to them at.

Really great shit, for sure one of my favorite demos of 2009.

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Sick/Tired "Demo" Cassette

Twelve ear shattering tracks of grinding violence from a band of Chicago veterans. Features ex-members of Weekend Nachos, Inverted and the mighty MK(irk)-Ultra! They have also released a split 7" with Coffee Rage on some label who I can't recall the name of, and google is being a spazz and not letting me search. So if you care investigate further, or better yet, quit wasting your time and download this sick fucking demo now!

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