Monday, January 4, 2010

Sick/Tired "Demo" Cassette

Twelve ear shattering tracks of grinding violence from a band of Chicago veterans. Features ex-members of Weekend Nachos, Inverted and the mighty MK(irk)-Ultra! They have also released a split 7" with Coffee Rage on some label who I can't recall the name of, and google is being a spazz and not letting me search. So if you care investigate further, or better yet, quit wasting your time and download this sick fucking demo now!

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  1. James,
    The label that released the split 7" is Idoneum Bello Records from Germany. Their website is here:

  2. good deal. the 7" actually destroys this demo, but since this is a tape only blog...

  3. ha, I did the 7" but haven't heard the demo yet cause Kirk said it would be to poorly recorded to send it my way. so thanks a lot!